No agreements. The attorney general of the Mocorito City Council, Cristina Mápula Lares, seems to have not reached an agreement with the group of dismissed ex-police officers who have been fighting for their liquidation for years, despite the efforts and the fact that the lawsuit for obstruction of justice does not proceed. . Less than two months after completing her duties in the municipal administration, she could be required again by the Chamber of the Contentious Administrative Court in the city of Los Mochis to testify again for the lawsuit against her for an alleged obstruction of the Justice. It should be remembered that it was in June that Mápula Lares appeared before the Public Ministry for this reason, publicly acknowledging that the City Council had lost the case against former police officers and should pay them, but so far the official has maintained discretion in this regard. Is your case being resolved, or is it just the opposite?

The clueless. In order to leave their duties, they realized that the figure of the Internal Control Body (OIC), of which Isela Angulo Payán is the holder, is omitted by the regulation of the administration of Salvador Alvarado, and it is that said regulation of the City Council It is obsolete and requires a prompt update, since it does not contemplate this figure and at the same time prevents it from being published in the Official State Gazette. It seems that the councilmen were so busy that they did not realize that great detail for almost three years, despite having analyzed the issue when the change of holder of that position was made. Isela Angulo Payán, head of the Organ, confirmed the above and stated that they will work to get everything in order.

With voice and vote. Although the results at the polls did not favor him on June 6, the former candidate for the presidency of Salvador Alvarado for the Going for Sinaloa coalition, Liliana Angélica Cárdenas Valenzuela, is aware and made it known through social networks, that the PRI It will continue to have a voice and vote in the Alvaradense Council with the presence of Marco Antonio López González, who will repeat in office, Carmen León Angulo and Liliana Lucio Vega. Now as an opposition, the tricolor continues to have a presence and a difficult mission to prepare for the next electoral contest, so they will have to arrive very well prepared from November 1 to play a good role in a trench that they have not occupied for three administrations.

Until it was done to them. After almost 30 years, rainfed producers finally see a glimmer of hope with the approval of soft credits for crops such as peanuts, sorghum, corn, sesame, chickpea and safflower, a situation that was announced by the secretary of Small Property in Salvador Alvarado, Raúl Inzunza. And it is that the feeling of this sector in recent years was very clear, since they affirmed that they were in abandonment and only the State Government had extended a hand to them. Now, as they said, they managed to open these credits with the support of the governor-elect Rubén Rocha Moya, so apparently he could be an ally of the producers during his administration, but this is just beginning, it will also be necessary to see how the panorama changes for the storm zone in this sense.

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