In zeros. The Mocorito City Council stands out in the Évora region but due to the lack of work in the prevention of dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, as the official statistics show this. The municipality has zero sanitation actions, disposed of items and worked localities. The figure corresponds to week 14 of the weekly health promotion report reported by Sanitary Jurisdiction III to the Sinaloa Ministry of Health. This shows that Mayor Jesús Guillermo Galindo Castro is disregarding responsibility for the prevention of diseases due to this type of contagion, because it has allowed the competent authorities to coordinate prevention actions, including the municipal doctor and also the councilor, Aurelio Zazueta, do not comply with the work indicated by the Ministry of Health in this area to coordinate actions, but it turns out that in the last session of the Cabildo, both the mayor and the doctor tried to pretend that they have been working. The truth is that so far there are five confirmed cases of dengue and the numbers could increase. The facts are there, and the words are blown away.

To be attentive. The damage caused at the end of August in several municipalities of Sinaloa by hurricane “Nora” is known to all, and in light of this, the federal deputy of District 03, Jesús Fernando García Hernández, apparently does not want the issue to go away remaining in oblivion until we see that the support reaches the victims, because on Monday, September 13, the emergency declaration was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation and that same day the deputy asked Congress not to stop giving monitoring, as many people are affected from different sectors. There is also no doubt that the presence of the deputy has been more noticeable now in the final stretch of his function and practically nothing to start his next stage in the same position.

They want changes. Those who almost shouted that a change in the Local Livestock Association of Angostura was urgent were their own members, because they said that they no longer want to be going through complicated situations and that they are urgent to change for the better, since after it became known At a press conference, a unit sheet headed by Martín Humberto Valles to lead this organization, the farmers did not stop highlighting at any time that real changes are being sought and that they want to turn around the situation that they are going through with the current president, Maricela García Sánchez, who in the voice of the members themselves, do not see anything for the benefit of all ranchers, while the succession in the leadership does not finish arriving for one reason or another.

And the plagues appeared. Just a few days ago the president of the State Committee for Plant Health of the State of Sinaloa (Cesavesin), Samuel López Angulo, pointed out that the situation with pests was under control but that there could be outbreaks in case of no rain, and finally what happens So much was feared, because in some peanut crops in the municipality of Mocorito, as a result of the fact that there has been no more rainfall for about three weeks, worms are appearing that threaten the plants in the growth process and that, if they do not seek a prompt solution and no rain in the area, the problem could grow and affect the production of these crops. For the moment, the most important action that producers can take is to approach the Local Plant Health Board to seek to prevent pests from advancing and affecting them to a greater extent.

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