Permanent task. The number of complaints of family violence has been increasing in the municipalities of the Évora region this year, but the reports are nothing compared to the sad reality that exists in many homes and that can put the integrity of the family at risk in certain circumstances. The slow progress on this issue on the part of citizens is that it is more denounced by the variety of means available by the authorities to attend a report, but on the other hand, the institutions of attention and prevention of violence in the municipalities, such as the Immujeres and Compavif, despite the work carried out and the attention provided to attend to the victims, have not been able to influence a further reduction in the rates. The latest official statistics of the complaints received to 911 shows 13 reports in a single month in Salvador Alvarado, being the municipality with the highest number of cases and that so far this year registers 75 complaints of the 161 at the regional level, therefore that Mayor Pier Angely Camacho de Ortiz will lead efforts to reinforce prevention activities, because despite the actions undertaken, the fight against family violence is a permanent task.

What’s missing. Despite the fact that the leaders of the political parties have stated that Pier Angely Camacho de Ortiz, municipal president of Salvador Alvarado, has done a good job at the head of the municipality, they did not miss the opportunity to make it very clear that there is a need to improve quality of public services, especially the drainage system, public lighting in the different neighborhoods and the lack of attention to the state of the streets. They practically pointed out what is most necessary for citizens to have a better quality of life, however, they mentioned that they are probably doing what is within their means.

With problems and without help. Where apparently they do have serious problems and would be looking very far away is in the Palmitas community, Angostura, because despite the fact that the same inhabitants and the municipal trustee have sought everywhere to be treated, they have not been able to solve the issue of Municipal garbage dump, which is already full, and other problems persist in the community that until now have not been addressed by the municipal authorities, and it is that in the voice of the trustee himself, Adrián Medina Ramos, it is said that there is no money, and They fear that they will not help them, since there is very little to go before the current administration ends, while they no longer even know which saint to pray to so that they help them and solve the problems so that they do not increase.

Attentive Although it is true that pests do not represent a danger for the currently established crops, as was seen a few weeks ago with the grasshopper in the peanut in the Mocorito area, the president of Cesavesin, Samuel López Angulo, points out that this situation was thanks to to the rains recently registered, but it is not necessary to claim victory, because if more rainfall is not registered as until a few days ago, an outbreak of pests could occur, mainly the yellow aphid, so it is advisable to be monitoring the crops and not stop looking for rapprochement with the Évora Valley Plant Health Local Board. There is still the remainder of September and part of October, which is when there may still be heavy rains, but in the meantime, growers will have to remain vigilant.

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