Cry for help. One of the requests that reached the Cabildo of the Mocorito City Council, in the session held yesterday, was nothing more and nothing less than the urgent need for fumigation for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Caimanero and Potrero de los Sánchez communities, to mention a few, in the southern part of the municipality. This was a cry for help, because they can no longer bear the flies and it is time that the authorities have not managed to send them a unit. And it is that according to the councilor Valerio Cervantes, it is a need that they have asked him to attend because the population fears a contagion of dengue, but it turns out that the City Council has not yet specified the delivery of certain support such as insecticides to the Health Jurisdiction III, but the mayor Jesús Guillermo Galindo Castro when approached by the councilman and the municipal doctor, Aurelio Zazueta, responded that he is waiting for the liquids to arrive and that he continues to negotiate with the Ministry of Health to respond. And while?

The pay. As a cat belly up, the attorney general of the Mocorito City Council, Cristina Mápula Lares, has defended herself after being affected by the failure to pay the ex-police officers, and that is that a single element asks for the amount of almost 800 thousand pesos, and Mápula Lares affirms that only 354 thousand pesos correspond to him, because some discounts are applied to him. Between so many dimes and diretes, time is running out, while the Public Security exemptions still do not have their liquidation and the Municipal Government is about to conclude their period, so it could be that they will remain like the dog of the two cakes.

The teachers never left. The Secretary of Public Education and Culture, Juan Alfonso Mejía López, defended tooth and nail the work of the teachers’ union during the pandemic, and expressed that he has heard a lot say that schools are not in good condition, which implied that teachers they left, which they didn’t. “Be careful, the teachers never left, they were always there,” said the state official, who also added that in order to keep the educational facilities in good condition, he sent a letter to the mayors of the state’s municipalities at the time, and although there were Mayors who responded quickly to the call, there were others who did not, although he did not mention who did not comply with the recommendation. Given this, it must be remembered that in the region, before the beginning of the school year, many schools, mainly primary level, were completely neglected, dirty and with services in poor condition.

New disagreement. Last year members of the different Bar Associations demonstrated to demand the opening of the closed courts due to the pandemic, because their work depended on it, and after a year the protests are present again, as Sergio says Humberto Madrid León, president of the Enrique Pérez Arce Bar Association, of the city of Guamúchil, the criteria used by the judges exceed their functions, leaving the lawyers behind, since the requirements have now been different with each judge to take a case , so they demand that they adhere to the law, because in this way the resolution deadlines are also being lengthened.

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