In the same. It is how some inhabitants of the La Reforma receivership continue to live, in the municipality of Angostura, who cannot see the end of the outbreaks of sewage in the streets of the town, while the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Angostura has not given response in actions that imply that a solution could be generated, while people are living it amid the plague, and no matter how many calls the staff have made, they are like deaf ears, because not a single light is looking at them that they want to do something and They do not give them any answer, so the manager of the paramunicipal, Rogelio Camargo Gutiérrez, if he does not want them to continue joining him and the complaints are constant, he will have to get to work so that the problem is already solved and both parties remain without pending, otherwise you will leave inheritance several situations.

Time will tell. With a voice of calm that characterizes him, the Secretary of Public Education and Culture of Sinaloa, Juan Alfonso Mejía, affirmed that there is no alarm of infections by COVID-19 in public schools of the basic level in the first days of classes in a hybrid way , information that he confirmed during his visit to the Magic Town of Mocorito. In a message to provide peace of mind to the educational community and parents, he said that it has been shown that the face-to-face model is giving results, because so far the Secretary of Health of the state of Sinaloa reports that there is control. But he said that the most important thing at the moment is the monitoring of infections, however, it is still a very hasty statement, because not even 15 days have passed since the 1,157 schools opened their doors in the state, and only time will determine how safe the return to the classroom will be this year and not personal expectations.

The Angosturense challenge. While the municipalities of Évora prepare the traditional Cry of Independence of Mexico on the traditional balcony and a “private” dinner for officials, the mayor of Angostura, Aglaeé Montoya Martínez, has all the City Council workers, whether from offices, even to the Traffic and Public Safety agents, dancing and preparing the choreography that they intend to perform #JerusalemaChallengeAng, which will be added to the preparation of the 16th, which they call A Cry for Health, which once given the traditional Cry of Independence, will perform the choreography. While the date arrives, he has been invited to perform the dance among coworkers, friends and family and be part of the challenge on social networks.

Independent In the Cerro Agudo receivership, Mocorito have had to scratch with their own nails, because apparently the Municipal Government, led by Guillermo Galindo Castro, has been focusing on their issues and has put aside the needs they have. the other communities. The clear example is that citizen Adrián Sánchez took the initiative to fumigate the receivership’s pantheon and clean it, because the Municipal Government has not stopped in those directions for a long time. Faced with this good deed, the Cerro Agudo trustee, Víctor Andrés Cuevas Favela, acknowledged his commitment to the inhabitants of that place.

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