A little help. This could be the last time that the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Salvador Alvarado (Japasa) asks for financial assistance from the different spheres of government to cover the commitment to pay bonuses to employees and is that it is close to proposing a Increase in the rate for users, which has Manuel Beltrán Urías, manager of the paramunicipal, very confident that this will help the operation of the Board to be adequate and the economic problems disappear, however, that remains to be seen since the needs and deficiencies always increase. At the moment, it is not news that the paramunicipal requests support from the state government to pay for these payments, as it is known that financial conditions are very unstable.

Detained. It seems that the tourist reactivation in the Évora region will not be possible in the short term, and it seems that neither for the closure of the administration in October. In the first, because the pandemic continues to be one of the reasons why some of the most visited recreational centers remain closed, and in the second, because there is no resource to draw on to launch an impact campaign. In none of the three Tourism Directorates is there anything concrete about the dates for the reactivation of activities or the plans for the closure. The director of Angostura, Alicia Atondo; by Salvador Alvarado, Gabriela López; and from Mocorito, José José Norzagaray; They are detained waiting to be authorized to start the latest activities, but on the other hand, the use of information technologies and alternatives that may be suitable for the promotion of destinations, training, rapprochement with sectors and the community, or perhaps they do, but in the digital age what is not seen is not known.

To take action on the matter. The Directorate of Public Works and Services of Angostura has a great challenge in terms of prevention, which is an important issue since the Chumpilihuistle community bridge is not in good condition and is at risk of collapse, so the director of Public Works, Elizabeth Osuna, will have to take action on the matter and not let time pass, because later it can be worse, both for them and for the citizens themselves, so they will have to get to work not to let it pass in Blanco and that the next administration follow up so that the population has a decent bridge, because no matter how much they want the time would not be enough to complete a work in what remains of the current administration.

One for another. What seemed somewhat encouraging for sorghum producers ended up not materializing, since there was much talk of exporting this grain to China with great expectation due to the expected price for its commercialization, but unfortunately the price that was managed in At first, the sorgueros ended up looking to commercialize the grain in the national market, because in addition to the price in the Chinese market not being convenient for them, the requirements to market it did not convince them either, but finally, the hope they have, according to the leader of the Local Board of Plant Health of the Évora Valley, Carlos Beltrán Astorga, the price in the national market exceeded that of the Chinese market.

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