Ennid Wong declares himself to be 100% Mexican at heart and thus celebrates the Independence of Mexico

Mexico.- On the eve of the commemoration of the 211 years of the Mexico’s independence the beautiful mexican model Ennid Wong He has decided to join the celebration with a message totally aimed at the love he feels for being born in this country and all that this represents on a more than important date.

The influence With almost a million fans, she decided to show that she is proud of her Mexican roots with a fiery photo shoot but at all times represented the affection and respect for the national colors wrapped in the flag of Mexico, considered one of the most beautiful in the world and who today has the joy of sharing one more year in this celebration.

This excellent photographic work is not only based on the celebration of Independence, it is also a recognition of the Mexican woman. For Ennid Wong, the presence of women in a country like Mexico is of utmost importance, words from the same model assure that Mexican women are the most beautiful, the most exotic and above all the most capable in any field.

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Ennid Wong the beautiful model who is said to be proud of her Mexican roots | Photo: Courtesy Cecy Zamora

Ennid Wong describes herself as a woman capable of doing what she sets out to do and that same thought is the one she has of Mexican women who always come out to show their faces. That is why he not only does it for Mexico, but also for giving that great recognition to all those who inhabit the country as well as outside of it today on an emotional date.

The one born in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas used only a few bikinis with Mexican colors, especially red and white, in conjunction with the flag that adorned the beautiful figure of the model and made it clear that she has more than gratitude and admiration for be like her one of the most beautiful in the world.

In his networks where he shared a little of those beautiful photos, he unleashed the great admiration of his fans who did not hesitate to applaud his way of thinking and his great work, in addition to taking many good compliments for the photos. Ennid Wong is currently considered one of the most beautiful and exotic women in the networks, so something like this Mexican fell from 10 to her fans.

Ennid Wong with almost a million fans got the applause for this session | Photo: Courtesy Cecy Zamora

After this great demonstration of beauty and patriotism, very well directed, Ennid Wong anxiously awaits the night to meet with his family and friends to enjoy with them each of the moments that the celebration for the Independence of Mexico has prepared for him, without a doubt You can expect that on your social networks you share some of how well you will have this day.

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