End and beginning

In 48 days a governor will be finishing his term and starting another governor of his. In 18 days, one Sinaloa Legislature ends and another begins. It is one of the fundamental characteristics of democracy. From time to time the period for which the legislative or executive authorities were elected ends. And others are elected, by the vote of the majority of the voters who go to the polls. Being free and secret suffrage, for all those who have a credential to vote with a photograph.

At the end of each mandate come the processes of completion and preparation of delivery. In the same way, for those who start the mandate, the definition of who will accompany the government and the legislative process comes first. Then receive. In the particular case of the governorship there is a peculiarity with the beginning of the mandate of the elected governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, and this is that it begins on November 1. Two months before the end of the fiscal year. It will be the responsibility of the new governor to close the budget. In this case, having a majority in the local Congress will facilitate the possible management, if necessary, of budgetary reallocations for the end of the year in the state administration, the eighteen municipal ones and the multiple decentralized and autonomous agencies. From the three autonomous universities and other decentralized organizations of the education sector, the finances of the eighteen municipalities, year-end payments of the state government personnel, and a long etcetera. In addition to many other commitments that must be finalized with the arrival of federal resources in the state and municipal administrations.

Those who complete their legislative mandate and in the state and municipal administrations only have to make their delivery and the declaration of end of order. For the eighteen mayors and the governor who take protest on November 1 will come two months of arduous budgeting by the end of the year. The definition of the Income Law and the Expenditure Budget of 2022. The same ones that will be approved by the new members of the local Legislative Power. In addition, the political mediations in the Chamber of Deputies of the State Congress to obtain the approval of the proposals that are sent.

As you can see, the end and the beginning of the mandates will have a particularity in Sinaloa for being two months after the end of the year. We will have to continue analyzing this in the next installments. Above all, with the installation of the new Legislature of the State Congress, on October 1.


One of the most important subjects for all legislative and government authorities that are beginning their mandate will be the management of measures to continue facing the covid-19 pandemic. The death figures continue to mourn families every day. They continue to fall hospitalized infected every day. The decrease in cases is a fact. In the same way that the epidemiological traffic light report continues to show yellow. On October 1 there will be another legislature and on November 1 another governor and other municipal presidents.

They will be the ones who will have to insist to the citizens in the work of co-responsibility, without a doubt. But also, it will be expected that these new legislative and government authorities present their program of actions to face the pandemic along with those dictated by the Federal Government’s Health Secretariat.

Without a doubt, the main work will continue to be the search for the active participation of citizens in that surveillance and care against the coronavirus. Continue insisting to everyone: you have to wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance. These must be actions that are internalized in everyone in Sinaloa society. That is the only way to control infections and leave the death figures far behind each day. Vaccination continues to advance. Lack. But alongside its continuation, hygiene and safety measures must continue to be observed. There is no other way. Point.


Upcoming are these two dates: the Cry of Independence on September 15 and the commemoration of the Mexican Revolution on November 20. They are two defining moments of our Mexico. That is where Mexico was born and the Mexico we know today is consolidated. After 1810 there were many interventionist wars in the world, even in Mexico, but we always continue to defend our independence as a free and sovereign country. After 1910 there were constant changes, but since 1917 the rights that today are a reality were enshrined in the Constitution. Democracy, equality and freedom for all Mexicans.

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