Emotional, this is how Anahí fired Enrique Rocha, the great villain of soap operas

Mexico.- This Sunday, November 7, the sad news of the actor’s death was released Enrique Rocha, the great villain of Mexican soap operas, at 81 years of age, and the actress and singer Anahi is pronounced on the matter.

Through their social networks, Anahí shared an old photograph next to Rocha where they look very happy and wrote: “What a fortune to have met you … Goodbye Rochon.” The publication achieved more than fifteen thousand reactions.

With great affection he remembers the star of Rebel the actor, as they had the joy of sharing credits in the telenovela, which was the catapult to fame of the six members of RBD, one of the most successful Mexican groups of all time.

In the soap opera, Enrique Rocha personified Leon Bustamante, a businessman tycoon father of Diego Bustamante. One of the strongest characters in history and of great importance to the plot, which is why he became one of the most acclaimed villains.

Anahí, for her part, gave life to Mia Colucci, a capricious, but very talented student, who won the hearts of millions. So far, none of the other rebels have spoken out about it, but Christopher Von Uckerman’s followers hope that he will do so soon, because in the soap opera, Rocha was his father.

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Enrique Rocha dies at 81 years of age

This Sunday the sad death of Enrique Rocha at 81 years of age was announced, however, so far the causes have not been revealed; supposedly, his family would be waiting to make the decisions for his funeral before speaking about it.

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