Elizabeth fled the violence in Guanajuato to Jalisco; she does not see, but with her song she seeks help

Guadalajara Jalisco. –

-I can’t take it anymore, let’s go to the trucks-

Five months ago Elizabeth fled the violence in Celaya, Guanajuato. They took away his suits, his horn and his peace of mind. The they threatened of death. Hand in hand with Alberto and what they were wearing, they arrived in Guadalajara, Jalisco. She sees only light and shadow since 25 years ago she lost her optic nerves. Now he sings in trucks.

“I am a Mexican regional singer… I just want a restaurant here I was hired or allowed by people to help me ”. Elizabeth and Alberto sing in the trucks, the lack of empathy makes it dangerous for her and her husband.

– Do I help you? – They met Alberto 26 years ago, he saw him at a bus stop. She hit one of her classmates who he said was his wife. She had grown up among truckers, like her who that day in Tampico, Tamaulipas, arrived from Jalisco. He did not accept their help to unload suitcases. He found her again while singing in the bar, so the story lasted two years, Elizabeth lost a son of Alberto and life separated them. The accident in the eyes did not allow to see him again.

They met again in Celaya, where they left as soon as they received the first extortion calls, which coincided with the robbery of their house. She worked in restaurants, as she sings regional Mexican music. He does not see, but he felt the danger and they fled when they told him that they had a few minutes to leave Guanajuato otherwise they were going to die at the hands of one of the cartels in the area.

Elizabeth is rejected in restaurants in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Photo: Edwin González

Elizabeth left her job and the city where she got people to help her from when she got on the trucks to the restaurants where they applauded her. She left her children, one married and the youngest, 17, in the care of her best friend, he has psychomotor problems that do not allow him to take care of himself. Elizabeth wants to send money, but the restaurants reject her.

-People didn’t like your music- The daughter of the owner of the restaurant in Guadalajara, where they went to ask for a job, wanted a different kind of music. She has been singing since she was four years old, when he saw the feet of the nun move the pedals of the organ for the Ave Maria. Her mother was a nurse, ‘but they were godparents who supported her to go to school.

The capital of Guadalajara is difficult for a person with visual problems. People push like it’s invisible too. Some drivers do not let them get on and others do not wait for Elizabeth to sit down when they get on, something that sometimes takes longer for those who occupy seats for people with a specific disability. She has fallen, but keeps singing to survive.

“I thought to myself, one day I’m going to find someone”, he thought until he returned with Alberto. A man of short stature and easy to speak in the trucks, who sings to you a ranchera or a tropical one from the south of the country, from his state of Veracruz, where he played percussion.

Elizabeth García Zamora sings. His voice breaks with songs like “Amor Eterno” by Juan Gabriel and Quererte a ti by Ángela Carrasco, as they remind him of his childhood, he keeps those images behind the white light that he now sees.

“I only ask that a restaurant hire me, or let me work and tell people to help meI just want to sing and recover before they took everything from me in Celaya ”. The woman displaced by insecurity and with discrimination in Guadalajara, sings, so she sees her bar, the roads or the face of Alberto, her life partner.

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If you are a restaurant owner or want to help Elizabeth, you can contact her at 3338415380

Elizabeth fled the violence from Guanajuato to Jalisco; can’t see and seeks help


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