Eleven detained in Chile for protests on the 48th anniversary of Pinochet’s coup

Eleven people have been arrested in Chile after the riots for the 48th anniversary of Augusto Pinochet’s coup in 1973. Despite the arrests, the interior minister, Juan Francisco Galli, said that the day went smoothly.

He described the detainees as participating in a minority group that attempted to loot and damage. He added that the Carabineros of Chile have learned the lesson what has allowed them dispel the protest without major inconveniences.

The protesters positioned themselves on Alameda Avenue, the most important in Santiago de Chile, and burned a bus, in addition to burning a public transport stop, barricades and clashed with the Carabineros.

In the General Cemetery there were riots after the traditional pilgrimage for the victims. In the afternoon, the protesters moved to Villa Francia where a vehicle belonging to a telecommunications company was burned.

Later the protesters with flags of Chile and the communist party marched to the Palacio de La Moneda where they left floral offerings at the monument to Allende, who took his own life after the bombing that Pinochet ordered to the Government House, this fact ended the socialist mandate in Chile.

The coup gave way to one of the most bloody dictatorships in the region, led by Pinochet for 17 years, after the coup against President Salvador Allende, in which more than 3,200 people died or disappeared while about 40,000 were tortured. , according to official figures.

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