Eiza González says goodbye to glamor to walk on the streets of Los Angeles

Eiza Gonzalez The 31-year-old went from a crazy night at the Met Gala to walking through the streets of Los Angeles in the most beautiful way with a super comfortable outfit with which she showed a lot of style.

And is that despite walking in “looks”, the Mexican actress He showed the great body that is loaded with a white duck skirt, as well as a tank top of the same tone.

What also attracted attention were the sandals that she is wearing, which are stuffed in pink, so several Internet users decided to comment on the famous look.

“Comfortable but not untidy at all very well”, “This is fashion, justino walks in slippers everywhere”, “Wow, how tasty it is very beautiful”, they write to the actress.

Eiza González was very comfortable in fachas / Instagram

For those who do not know, Eiza González was very comfortable in Los Angeles and all because she wanted an iced coffee, although she has two in her hand, it is not known who the other was for.

The also singer adapted like a fish in water to Hollywood where job offers have rained down on her, because the talent that is loaded is overflowing with this artist who has not stopped.

Let’s remember that a lot has been said in recent months about Eiza González, who could embody María Félix in a project that is still cooking.

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