Don’t miss it! They extend the exchange of uniforms and supplies until October 1 in Guasave

Sinaloa.- The president of Canaco in Guasave reported that due to the low influx in the exchange of school supplies and uniforms, It lasted until October 1, and now it will be free to collect them, without any restriction, so that students can have these tools.

Leonor Espinoza commented that this pilot operation has been created because some students do not yet have their school supplies.


He explained that the advance that was estimated to be obtained was not what was expected, since in the first week, which began with the letters from A to C, only around 12.6 percent of the free vouchers that were delivered by part of the state government to parents who have children enrolled in basic education.

In the second week, a lower response was obtained, of only 11.3 percent, he said; in the third it continued to decline with a 10.5, and finally, in the fourth week, there was a rebound of 14.5 percent, which somehow ended up causing the change to spread and now it is no longer governed by letters.

He stressed that the figures obtained are very alarming, since many children have currently returned to face-to-face classes in Guasave, however, many do not have the basic tools, such as supplies and uniforms to be able to attend classrooms without any inconvenience.

It is for this reason that an agreement was reached to extend the voucher exchange until October 1, he stressed, which will be free, since parents will be able to collect it no matter what letter of the alphabet their first surname begins with.


He stressed that this extension was made for the last stage of the program, all with the purpose that those parents who did not manage to exchange the school voucher for some reason or circumstance beyond their control, will now have until the first of October to be able to do so. .

The Canaco leader in Guasave reiterated that the health protocols will follow to the letter, although the exchange is now free.

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“The State Government gave the guideline in the last week to open the program so that everyone who can attend benefits,” concluded Leonor Espinoza.

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