Don Mario sells the drawings of his granddaughters who were orphaned

Leon, Guanajuato.- Don Mario He goes out to sell his granddaughters’ drawings who were orphaned and went viral on social media.

Mario Arnulfo Muñoz has lunch and leaves everything organized at home so that the girls do not lack anything, his job is to sell the drawings and paintings what his three granddaughters do.

“Drawings, cheap and cheap for decoration,” says the 60-year-old man at each traffic light when the cars stop at Adolfo López Mateos y Pradera boulevard.

The gentleman letter the cartons with strokes made with watercolor and inlaid with cloth and pearls; among the figures there are dancers, castles and dream catchers.

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Her granddaughters use figures such as suns, moons and unicorns in the works of art that he sells them for 100 or 200 pesos.

Mario does what he can to help his three granddaughters / Photo: Facebook

“These are made by my granddaughters, they were orphans and their only sustenance is a pension that comes every month, but it is not enough,” explained Don Mario. Although some people don’t buy the drawings from you, they sometimes tip you.

“My daughter Berenice became a widow about 4 and a half years ago. My granddaughters were orphans, like my oldest son, they taught themselves with him,” explained Don Mario.

Her granddaughters are 13, 12 and 10 years old each and since she didn’t want to see them suffer, she quit her previous job and started selling her drawings.

Every day he goes to work at the traffic lights / Photo: Facebook

According to the AM medium, he says that he used to sell chacharas with his wife in the small squares, but as the girls are growing up, they need more things and it is more expense.

He explained that when there is no money to supply the material, Arnulfo looks for a way to obtain paint and cardboard on credit; When you manage to sell a part, you have the opportunity to obtain more inputs.

“They have fun, they take it as an activity that they like and have done everything: horses, suns, landscapes, they like it and that makes me happy.” Mario said.

He explained that his son-in-law was a hard worker and died of cardiac arrest after an accident on Bulevar Hidalgo, from there he took part to take care of his little ones as a seller from 3 to 8 hours, depending on how long it takes to sell one or all drawings.

The case went viral when Alberto, a tattoo artist who passed through the area, shared the photo of Arnulfo offering a drawing of a unicorn and set up an auction on social networks and the proceeds were given to the girls.

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