Do you have an Infonavit credit? You can ask for the deeds of your house to make your will

Mexico.- Taking advantage of the fact that September is the testament month, the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) recommends that its heirs request the scriptures to ensure your living place and thus be able to inherit it to his family in the event of death.

The will is a legal document that allows us to transmit the assets that we have in life such as money, material possessions, including home, and even accounts receivable.

“We want all the people who achieved the goal of having their home with an Infonavit loan to have the certainty that their assets will be safe beyond life,” the institute said in a statement.

In this sense, Infonavit gives some advice and resolves some doubts to its beneficiaries so that their home is only for their family and loved ones:

Why do I need the deeds to inherit my house?

To make a will it is not necessary to present any proof of ownership or list of assets, but to receive the inheritance the beneficiaries will necessarily need, in the case of housing, to have the deeds in the name of the deceased owner and registered in the Public Registry of the property.

Why do I need the deeds to inherit my house?

In case of inheriting a home that does not have deeds, a legal procedure must be carried out so that the heirs can have a deed in their name and then they can legally dispose of it, that is, until the heir has deeds to his name may sell it or give it as collateral to obtain a loan or credit.

If I am paying my Infonavit credit, can I request the deeds?

Yes, the house is yours, you can request and obtain your deeds. Whether you had acquired your home with the help of an Infonavit loan, from another institution or even if you built it yourself, having the deed is vital to prove that you are the rightful owner.

It does not matter if you are paying your credit with Infonavit or you have already concluded it, the house is yours alone, but words are not enough to prove it, you need to obtain your deeds to verify it before third parties.

Is it mandatory to make a will?

It is not mandatory, but if you have a property in your name, as you will see, the recommendation is to draw up a will to facilitate the adjudication procedure in favor of whoever you decide.

Both for your deeds and for the will, a notary is the one who can support you and September is the month in which a series of discounts are offered at the national level for its completion, more business hours and you can even receive advice on paying taxes corresponding to receive an inherited asset.

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If you need to know more procedures in which you will require the support of a notary or to know how to carry out the deed process of your home acquired with an Infonavit loan, check My Infonavit Account ( and the portal (portalmx.

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