Do they break spears in the PRI?

What is going to happen to the PRI in Sinaloa? This is the question that everyone asks in the political media because with the rebellion of Governor Quirino Ordaz, who as soon as he hands over the reins of the government, he will become ambassador to Spain. It foresees that in an attempt to control damages the national leadership will “break spears”, take control of the party and appoint new leaders.

Even before the earthquake caused by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with the invitation to Quirino to his government, the PRI was already in crisis, headless after the resignation of former leader Jesús Valdés, but everything assumed that the presidency was being reserved for the leader of the bench in Congress, Sergio Jacobo Gutiérrez, but being people of the governor’s trust, everything suggests that there will be fundamental changes.

Already during the campaign it was commented that Quirino had been ignored when choosing, without even consulting him, Mario Zamora as a candidate for governor. Centralism and the legal power that Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas has was imposed and this of course had negative consequences in the June 6 vote, when the PRI lost everything in Sinaloa.

From the CEN of the PRI it is expected that they will try to clean up all the state and municipal leaders of the party so as not to leave it in the hands of the Quirinists, and this may accelerate the debacle and the flight of militants towards Morena and the PAS, which are the strong parties that have a better chance of winning in 2024. A matter of time to know the reactions.

Potpourri. On the eve of the governor-elect Rubén Rocha announcing the names of the members of his cabinet, the directors of the Sinaloa Lawyers Federation, represented by Ricardo Beltrán, met yesterday in Culiacán and proposed José Luis Polo Palafox and Óscar Fidel González Mendívil to fill the positions of attorney general and secretary of Public Security, to relieve Juan José Ríos Estavillo and Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo.

They describe Castañeda as a true failure in the performance of his function, they consider that it is time for a civilian to take command and they hope that Ríos Estavillo resigns to give entry to people related to Rocha so that there is harmony in the fight against crime. The lawyers will insist on achieving a personal meeting with the governor to make the proposal, and next week they will hold a new conference to publicize the profiles of the two professionals who propose.

THE “MOCHES”. Thoroughly and with knowledge of the cause, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressed and criticized the issue of the exorbitant salaries of local deputies and councilors of the country’s city councils, but that is nothing because they are still asking for “moches” that they replicated from the Federal Congress in the six-year term of neoliberalism, which takes part of the budget that should be directed to public works and services to the citizens. It demands to eradicate this vicious practice.

“Quirino must ask the PRI for permission”, PRI leader Alejandro Moreno


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