Do not stop! Cells are compacted to guarantee the safety of rescuers in Cerro del Chiquihuite

The labors of search in the area where a detachment was recorded in the Cerro del Chiquihuite continue, although due to the instability of the terrain they had to compress the cells to guarantee the security from rescuers, work teams and neighbors, reported Samuel Gutiérrez Macías, General Coordinator of Civil Protection and Comprehensive Risk Management.

In a joint press conference with Raciel Pérez Cruz, mayor of Tlalnepantla, Gutiérrez Macías indicated that “the instability that we have today already in the detachment is greater, if we had a risk and we have been warning it from the beginning ”.

He explained that after 118 hours of searching and due to the work that was carried out, there were movements, so the cells of rescuers had to be compacted to three elements plus a canine, in hours of 60 to 90 minutes per day.

Operational to avoid parties and fireworks

On the other hand, they reported that for inhibit selling and burning games pyrotechnic In the communities surrounding the area of ​​the landslide in Tlalnepantla, tours are carried out by the municipality, the Directorate of Economic Promotion, the State Civil Protection Coordination and the Mexiquense Institute of Fireworks (Imepi), using loudspeakers to urge the population to avoid lighting any type of pyrotechnics.

The above because the vibration detonation can destabilize the slope and cause a new glide or confuse rescuers with a sound of stone breaking.

“We have made an exhortation and we have made a statement to the municipal presidents, we have also done it with the religious issue, that they support us in not having any pyrotechnics around this area,” he commented.

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He added that people continue to be supported with transportation to move to temporary shelters and the number of people who are in one of the four shelters has been increased to 117.

Thus the stabilization work in Cerro del Chiquihuite, Tlalnepantla


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