DNIII-E Plan activated in Zacatecas due to dam overflow

Zacatecas.- Late on the night of this Thursday, September 16, in Zacatecas an alert was issued of the overflow of the San Aparicio dam, which is located in the Perales community, in Genaro Codina.

Through your official account Twitter, the governor of the entity, David monreal, announced that, due to the recent rains that fell in the state, the overflow of the reservoir was reported, for which he reported that he gave instructions to the elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and the Department of Public Security, as well as state Civil Protection to assist the affected people.

As can be seen in a video that has begun to spread on social networks, a community member Perales, on Genaro CodinaHe recorded, from the top of a house near the stream, how the body of water increases its levels.

In the video, you can hear a desperate cry from another person who asks his family member to leave the place, because “it is going to get very dangerous.”

The state president reported that he proceeded to activate the Plan DNIII-E of the Ministry of National Defense, the GN-A of the National Guard and the SSP-D of the Ministry of Public Security to help Veracruz families.

According to the preliminary information released by the municipal and Civil Protection authorities, so far, there are no reports of damage to the inhabitants, although the overflow of the dam has has caused damage to the electrical system. In addition, a probable loss of livestock.

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It is expected that in the next few hours more information on the damage will be available, which will be made public when the support brigades from the different levels of government arrive in the towns.

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