Difficult panorama! Low tide causes little shrimp catch in Guasave Bay

Guasave, Sinaloa.- The president of the Federation of Fishing Cooperatives of Guasave reported that after lifting the shrimp ban, about 650 boats They went out to capture that species, however, the beginning of the season did not paint very well because the tides they are very low and that caused little product to be trapped.

Raúl Leal Félix commented that they hope to have a good season despite this bad start, as there is hope that the weather can improve.

He stressed that being the first day of work, many of the fishermen left their respective cooperatives after four in the morning, in search of a good start, as it is the most anticipated date of the year for this sector, but unfortunately the opening was bad.

He highlighted that of the total number of vessels that set sail, the first panga that returned had only caught 15 shrimp, which made the fishermen hopeless, for which it was estimated that they would sell themselves due to the low production they had captured and would return to work until on September 21, which is when the closure on the high seas would be lifted, a situation that could benefit small vessels economically.

He explained that the second panga that arrived captured around 12 kilograms, due to this the panorama completely changed for the men of the sea, and that is why they will continue to work to find a larger one, which justifies the expenses they make.

“Some arrived with little, like six, seven, 12, 17 and the odd 20 kilos, because there is little current, but the tides and currents will improve from tomorrow on,” the fishing leader confided.

He pointed out that at the beginning many of the fishermen were hopeless due to the low catches, since it is very difficult to keep more than 20 pangas afloat, because each one generates an expense of 10 thousand pesos, between bait, fuel and the tools they need to do their job.

Leal Félix expressed that their annoyance is understandable, however, they know that from one moment to another good fishing could be generated for this season that is just beginning.

He stressed that they will soon be conducting revisions to offshore vessels, this is due to the fact that in previous operations the permit that Mexico had was removed, because some vessels did not have the tools to exclude sea turtles and fish, which allow in any time you are fishing, and a turtle gets stuck, allow it to get out without any difficulty.

He explained that this is at the national level, in case they are not allowed to export to the United States, another country will be sought to be able to commercialize the shrimp, either in Europe or Asia.

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“For our whole life we ​​have had the American market as partners for the commercialization of the products, but we are going to subject ourselves to the conditions of the authorities or look for another commercialization channel,” said the president of the Federation of Fishing Cooperatives of Guasave.


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