Did the karma come to you? They remember when Inés Gómez Mont revealed who the father of Érika Buenfil’s son was

Last Friday afternoon it was announced that a federal judge made a arrest warrant against the television host Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, the lawyer and businessman Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga, for the crimes of embezzlement, money laundering and organized crime. Given the situation of the comadre of the television presenter Galilea Montijo, users of social networks have stated that eKarma did justice to the soap opera actress Érika Buenfil…why?

Several years ago when Inés Gómez Mont She was one of the hosts of the show “Ventaneando” on TV Azteca, revealed the identity of Nicolás, son of Érika Buenfil. As many know, today’s adolescent is the result of the love relationship that the actress had with the businessman Ernesto Zedillo Velasco, son of the former President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon.

According to Inés Gómez Mont, it was Ernesto Zedillo Jr. himself and his wife Rebecca Sáenz, who asked him to make this paternity known, they did it through me so that he could make himself known in the best possible way, “he said before the cameras of Ventaneando “.

This greatly affected Erika Buenfil; At that time, she told various media outlets that only she had the right to disclose that information about her son Nicolás.

“There are those who are making firewood from the fallen tree, the only thing I can say is that it is true and in due course I will tell my story and that, perhaps it was in a very cold way, very without giving importance to what I deserved, which is my son, the person who gave it and well, they already gave it, they already went ahead, but no one but me had the right to speak. “

About Inés Gómez Mont, the protagonist of soap operas such as “Esmeralda”, “Amores verdaderos” and several others, said: “This girl, somehow to win the news and that she says she is supported, I don’t think she is 100 percent supported, I imagine that the counterpart did not imagine that finally there was going to be an answer “.

Now faced with the legal situation of Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, accused of alleged money laundering, embezzlement and organized crime, users of social networks point out that karma did its thing.

Through her social networks, Inés Gómez Mont published the following statement:

Various media reported on an arrest warrant issued against me, my husband and other people. We have not had access to that order or to the evidence that justifies it, only to press reports with partial and maliciously filtered information.

To those who have sent us their expressions of support, I thank you with all my heart, know that we are preparing to face this process and we will exercise all our rights. We will keep you posted on this sad and painful situation. Thank you for your love and God bless you.

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