Díaz-Canel and López-Gatell

The opportunity is unique here to unite two characters whose surnames rhyme and exemplify “what should not be done” in public administration: the Cuban Miguel Díaz-Canel and the Mexican Hugo López-Gatell.

Perhaps they coincide in one of the commemorative acts of Independence and they spend it all to themselves because, although they do not have the opportunity to talk about it, they share characteristics that make them similar, among which stands out that they enjoy incomprehensible admiration from President López Obrador.

The Cuban had the wrong foot to appear before the international community (early July), warning tens of thousands of his countrymen who were demonstrating against his government that “the order of combat is given, revolutionaries take to the streets!”, Convinced that “we came here to, together with the revolutionaries of this town, show that the streets here belong to the revolutionaries and that no maggots or mercenaries are going to take us into the streets here,” despite which the Mexican government, in Instead of calling for respect for human rights, he expressed solidarity with the dictatorship.

Today the undesirable “special guest” climbed into the communist nomenklatura licking the brothers Fidel and Raúl Castro. In Mexico, Undersecretary López-Gatell has been doing the same with López Obrador based on the unprecedented declaration that he can only infect “moral forces”. As simple as Díaz-Canel, López-Gatell fulfilled two of the requirements most appreciated by the President: “blind loyalty” and “90 percent honesty, 10 percent experience”.
If the invitation to the Cuban tyrant is in bad taste, it is regrettable that as a pylon he is granted the honor of speaking about what the Cuban people lack: independence and freedom.

Also honored by Q4, our anticovid czar has to take seriously the hilarious presidential point that a “strategist” like him would already be wanted by other governments around the world.

From the Cuban problem and the vaunted “blockade”, the “revolutionary” alibi is dismantled when it is verified that it is the Díaz-Canel regime that keeps its governed blocked and it is shown that the largest supplier of food and manufacturing in the world that has the island is the hated “Yankee imperialism.”

The reader Francisco Javier Corchado Gómez asks about the pandemic in Mexico: “Who are responsible? I find his comments about Undersecretary López-Gatell very brutal, since the responsibility is not his 100 percent, but shared. Those who must show their faces are the Secretary of Health, I don’t really know who he is, and the head of the two for approving what he does … ”.

López Obrador, I mean, at least he does “show his face” (even at the risk of getting entangled with the issue). What is reprehensible is that “tremble, thunder or lightning” keeps López-Gatell at the forefront of the fight against the plague because his management is as disastrous for the Mexicans as that of the “special guest” for the Cubans.

Convergent and divergent, the two are unpresentable …

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