Devastating! Mother and daughter are attacked by their own pit bull in Sydney; expert demands the prohibition of the breed

Sydney.- Mother and daughter were shattered by an American pit bull who was described by neighbors as the size of a miniature pony and weighing more than 80 kilograms, the events took place in the Macarthur region southwest of Sydney, Australia last Friday morning.

According to witnesses to the brutal attack, the 54-year-old mother and also the pitbull owner, was the first to be attacked by the animal, in addition to being the most seriously injured while her 20-year-old daughter, in her eagerness to help her, also received bites from the dog.

When emergency teams arrived at the home of those affected, the dog had already freed the women and fled the scene, although it was necessary to hit him with a metal bar and stab him with a knife to stop the frantic attack.

The line of events began with an attack on the owner of the dog, which is why the woman’s daughter and two neighbors immediately approached to help her, but the animal turned towards them attacking the second woman and tearing her meat. of the bone, although he also attacked a man who was trying to save them, the neighbor fled the scene after being injured.

“The worst attack was against the older woman who had injuries to her face and was flown to a Sydney hospital”said local Anthony Dennis, who heard the emergency sirens flocking to the scene before seeing the medical helicopter land on the property.

American Staffordshire Terriers ataca a madre e hija en Sydney

He said that while they were trying to get the dog off the women, someone was hitting him with a metal bar, although it did not work at all.

Meanwhile, one of the neighbors who opted for anonymity, said that she was entering the garden of her home when she heard the calls for help and looked at one of the women being mutilated, ran to help and then found her daughter his neighbor trying to stab the dog with a knife.

“The bite went to the bone, I could see the tendons” added.

The use of the knife worked and they were finally able to get the dog away from the older victim, although it was a neighbor who was circulating on the road who called the emergency number.

The helping neighbor and the adult woman’s daughter dragged the 54-year-old victim from the other side of the garden fence, fearing the dog would return.

“I grabbed all the towels from the rope to make a tourniquet on her leg, that wound on her leg … and the wound on her neck was so bad, I thought ‘I don’t want to see her die'”, said.

The neighbor explained that the victim’s daughter had deep cuts on her leg, but was more concerned about her mother’s condition.

After being treated by paramedics, the women were transferred to the hospital for medical attention; meanwhile the Wollondilly Shire City Council confirmed that a ranger was dispatched to the address and detained the dog, which would be euthanized.

Veterinarian demands the breed be prohibited

Veterinarian Sam Kovac demanded that the authorities ban the breed before another murder occurs, as he recalled that just two months ago a five-week-old baby was mutilated to death by another pit bull.

Kovac claimed that he does not want existing American Terries to be euthanized, but that he wants an immediate ban on selling, breeding, importing or relocating the breed, as this breed has been bred to fight and kill.

“They should not be allowed to grow up in this country.” said the vet “Ninety percent of the time they are fine.”But he claimed that the small percentage left over is impossible to stop if they decide to hunt down and kill a baby or human.

“I just checked online and there are literally hundreds of puppies for sale at Gumtree for American Staffordshire Terriers. Rescue shelters are full of them too. A portion of them will target people who don’t know how to train them and will take care of this very exuberantly powerful breed, and will foster some of its bad character traits. “ said.


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