Despite the collapse, 27 families refuse to leave their homes in Cerro del Chiquihuite

Nails 27 families of the Lázaro Cárdenas Third Section neighborhood refuse to leave their homes, despite being at risk of the possibility of a new breakdown in the Cerro del Chiquihuite, as reported by Civil Protection of Tlalnepantla, Mexico state.

This, after the City Council implemented a door-to-door information operation on the risks of remaining in the place, in order to completely evacuate the colony, given the possibility of another collapse similar to that of Friday.

And it is that, according to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred), the rains that were registered during the last days in the entity generated humidity in the Sierra de Guadalupe, which increases the risk of new landslides.

To which is added the fact that the presence of civilians makes it difficult for the rescue bodies to move, since along with the search for the disappeared, the stabilization of the land, for which they are contemplating using heavy machinery.

In this sense, the municipal government maintains its call for the inhabitants of the affected neighborhood to evacuate the area and go to one of the six shelters enabled, after several of these were practically empty, because in addition to the families who refuse to leave their home, several others have sought accommodation in the homes of other relatives or acquaintances.

More than the second day

The general coordinator of the Mexican Civil Protection, Ricardo de la Cruz Musalem, pointed out that they are three, and not 10, people who are still missing and believed to be under the rubble of Friday’s landslide.

He added that the number decreased after families in the area managed to contact to its members, after it had not been possible at first, which raised the figure so much during the first 24 hours of the incident.

While in the afternoon a new suspension of the search and rescue work, after a new collapse would have been registered, in addition to the discovery of cracks, after which they would wait until tomorrow, while the engineers of the different groups in the place conclude the studies of the place.

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Likewise, the number of rescuers in the area was reduced, in order to reduce risks and give greater stability to the terrain, since today they also discovered that with yesterday’s breakdown a rock of more than 200 tons, which, as it is not propped, could move and cause more damage.

This is how the search and rescue work at Cerro del Chiquihuite looks like


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