“Demand the government”, Salinas Pliego says NO to athletes who asked for help to travel

Mexico.- A group of players from the Mexican women’s football team ended up disappointed after seeking support to travel to Finland to play in the 2022 World Cup and received a response “¡NO!”.

The request of the young women became viral on social networks, since the one they asked for help was the businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who without giving the matter much thought told them “NO” and that they better seek help from the “Government”.

The controversy arose after the young women published a video asking for help from the businessman, owner of Grupo Salinas.

In their request, the young women reported that after searching many places for help to be able to travel, it was impossible for them to find flights to Finland, so they turned to him (Ricardo Salinas), because they believe that he is the only one who can help them to be able to reach the Slavic country.

Although other young women joined the publication to beg for support from the businessman. Ricardo Salinas Pliego responded very concretely; “No, demand the Government!!!”, and pointed out that he is not the bad one for denying them support, since organizations such as CONADE or even the head of said organization, Ana Gabriela Guevara, are in charge of meeting their demand.

Young people ask Salinas Pliego for help

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As expected, some users supported the businessman and pointed out that there are indeed agencies in charge of responding to said request, while other Internet users indicated that the businessman’s response lacked empathy because he had only responded to be noticed.

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