Demand for rental housing and condominiums in Mazatlán is down

Sinaloa.- Two weeks after the end of the summer vacation in Mazatlán, the rental services of houses, apartments and condominiums fell until by 40 percent.

Sergio González, head of vacation rental operations, mentioned that the demand was precipitated as a result of cancellations that were derived from the past increase in Covid-19 infections, as well as the end of the previous vacation period.

“The Covid issue did affect a lot because the tourism we had had, which was from Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, decided to cancel their visit.”

He said that the news that spread in other states of the country that Mazatlán was infected with the disease had a serious impact on the arrival of national tourism.

Currently, he assured that the activity has been picking up little by little, through the trust that visitors have had with the health protocols that are applied in the port to avoid possible contagion between people.

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The head of vacation rental operations indicated that the service they offer is an option for tourists who arrive at the port a little financially limited, so they are looking to rent properties where they have everything, in order to allocate their expenses to fun.

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