Deluxe! Mazatlán is the venue for the Bash Road Tour Supercars 2021

Sinaloa.- From this day until tomorrow, in Mazatlán there are the vehicles that participate in the Bash Road Tour Supercars 2021.

José Gamez Valle, Marketing Director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlán, reported that the occupants of the cars are in the port for one night, so it will be tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. when they leave the town.

“It is a route that makes up the Bash Road Tour Supercars 2021, and that today it was Mazatlán’s turn to arrive.”

The night before, he indicated that the luxurious units were in Tequila, Jalisco and tomorrow, Wednesday, they will be withdrawing to Peace to later continue through Loreto and Los Cabos in Baja California Sur.

Deluxe! Mazatlán is the venue for the Bash Road Tour Supercars 2021 | Photo: Courtesy

Gámez Valle, commented that the owners of the vehicles are friends and every year they travel to different parts of the country.

Among the motor units, I need to find a Lamborghini and a Audi 8, which powerfully attract attention when passing through the port of Mazatlán.

Said it sticks out too a 100 percent Mexican car, which was built in Puebla and whose painting had been applied by Oxaqueño artists, which has a value of 2 million pesos.

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The vehicles remain at the Pueblo Bonito Esmerald Bay hotel, a place where entire families have gone to learn a little more about the cars of the Bash Road Tour Supercars 2021.

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