Del Valle and the corruption plot

While we prepare for some strange Cry of Independence and commemorative military parade, without people in the capital’s Zócalo, in the midst of the information maelstrom that surrounds us, the arrest and preventive detention of businessman Alejandro del Valle has gone relatively unnoticed.

The story of Alejandro and his father Carlos del Valle is strange. Just in June of last year we told you here that whoever had bought the house that belonged to Amado Carrillo Fuentes, El Señor de los Cielos, in the Pedregal neighborhood in Mexico City, in a rare auction carried out by the Institute to Give Back to the People lo Stolen (Indep) had been the businessmen Alejandro and Carlos del Valle, at the time very close to Governor Arturo Montiel, as they were, until a few months ago, to the government of President López Obrador. The offer, made by a representative, was the only one that was presented and shortly after the sale was canceled, but the signal remained that something was not right.

The Del Vallees, Carlos and Alejandro, had appeared on the political and business scene, especially in their proximity to the new administration, somewhat untimely. They were in Texas and presented themselves as investors and investment promoters, although serious business activities of their companies were not known in that American state.

Carlos Cabal Peniche, a paradigmatic banker of the Salinas period, appeared as partners of another financier, also suddenly very close to the government and the operation of the Banco del Bienestar, who was prosecuted and imprisoned for financial fraud during the Zedillo government and converted during the first two years of the administration in the preferential operator of the Bienestar bank, for whom they bought, together with Del Valle, more than two thousand ATMs by direct adjudication, in addition to building integral centers and other related works, all coincidentally, with whoever was the very powerful coordinator of the social programs and superdelegates, Gabriel García Hernández.

But that information from the Bienestar bank did not fall on deaf ears. The disclosure of these links was decisive for there to be a “republican castling,” as for some reason President López Obrador called it, and for the director of the Bienestar bank, Revindranatha Salazar, to go to the Undersecretariat of the Interior, while the Undersecretary Diana Álvarez Maury will end up as director of the Banco del Bienestar. The Undersecretary of Morelos is an electoral operator also close to García Hernández. Álvarez Maury, a respected professional, began to rearrange things at the bank and in that way canceled a good part of the contracts that had been signed with the Del Valle and Cabal.

But in that period there was still time to advance in two other highly controversial operations. One was the purchase of Interjet, from the Alemán family (a disastrous operation that also ended up costing the arrest warrant for Miguel Alemán Magnani) and with it the purchase of the Alemán family’s part in Radiopolis. All this was done, as they say, with saliva, without resources, with loan options and without the possibility of being able to make purchases.

Today both Del Valle and Cabal are on trial, García Hernández had to return to the Senate after he was virtually fired by President López Obrador. And all this appears related to another case: the arrest warrant presented against Víctor Álvarez Puga, and the investigation that is being carried out against who his boss was for years, until Víctor became independent, Sergio Castro, the two accused of establishing countless companies false billing.

According to the Ministry of Finance, only last year 179 billion pesos were billed for these systems and that is part of a very active process, huge and with countless participating actors, of money laundering. One of those processes is the one that ended up causing profound changes, for example, in another highly publicized case, in the Cruz Azul cooperative, including the fall and the process against Billy Álvarez and his entire team.

The plot that is behind all this seems to be infinite, it dates back to six years ago, but it is also part of the current one. Hopefully we can unravel and do justice, assuming that in these cases the complaint is much easier to make than the facts to verify.


Undersecretary López-Gatell, yesterday, after his highly criticized argument that each vaccine that was “diverted” to a minor was taken from an adult at risk, accepted that always yes, one million children will receive the anticovid vaccine. The same had been said months ago. But later, when President López Obrador criticized parents who asked for protection for their children to be vaccinated, López-Gatell changed his mind and said that minors do not need to be vaccinated. Now, again, he forgot what he said a few days ago and assured that a million children will be vaccinated, he did not say how or when. Three times I cheated on you, Paquita la del Barrio sings.

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