Del Mazo delivers a pink salary to pregnant women and mothers of children with a disability

The Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo Maza, He delivered cards Salary rosa a women pregnant and in period of lactation, as well as bosses from family that have sons with some disability, to whom he recognized and thanked the work they carry out to raise their families.

On delivery, 6 thousand Mexican women received this support for the first time, and join the almost 440 thousand female heads of family from the 125 municipalities of the entity to whom the delivery was promised on a permanent basis.

Del Mazo gave 6 thousand pink salary cards to pregnant, nursing, or caring for a family member with a disability.

“In the part of supporting mothers who are pregnant, it is a stage in which they have to dedicate practically all the time to the new babies, to whom they are going to be born, and that is why it is important to have a support to help them in this stage, “said the Mexican president

Regarding the support for female heads of families with a son or daughter with a disability, the politician stressed that it is a very special delivery that shows the commitment of his administration to said group.

“You know that through the DIF of the State of Mexico, through the DIFEM, we have made a great effort to support and bring you all the tools to support your sons, your daughters, so that they have their therapies, so that Keep learning, so that you have the attention of specialists and so that you can help them to get ahead, ”the Governor of Mazo told those present.

Rehabilitation centers

In addition to the above, the head of the state executive recalled that Edomex has the largest disability care network in the country, since 111 rehabilitation units are located in the Mexican entity, which provide various medical services, as well as therapy. people with disabilities.

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“Today we can say that in the State of Mexico we have the largest disability care network in the entire country, we have more than 111 Disability Care Units throughout the State of Mexico. They are rehabilitation spaces where they receive support from specialists to help their children get ahead, counseling, medical support, occupational, language and motor programs as well ”, he highlighted.

Salary Rosa in Edomex


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