Deficiency in garbage collection

Those who make the call to the mayor of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, are the inhabitants of the Barrancos sector, since they have been battling with the garbage collection service for a whole month, and the amounts of garbage cause bad odors, which affects health, especially of children and older adults. If you are one of the families affected by the deficiency of the garbage collection service and you want to expose the situation to the municipal president, call him at “fon” 667-785-0101.

> Earn some good pesos
The Directorate of Ecology in Guasave is urgently looking for cleaning lovers who want to earn a good extra wool with temporary work. What they have to do is clean the multiple clandestine garbage dumps that exist in the city and in the communities to improve the image of the municipality and eliminate sources of infection. If you are interested in the job, you can call the manager, Melquiades Ahumada, at 687-872-1536. You will be provided with the necessary equipment and tools.

> Don’t have a job?
The Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Mazatlán (Jumapam) is looking for a race that wants to enter the job, that does not care how odorous it may come out after doing its work, because it will have to deal with stinking waters to ‘To regulate the drains in various parts of the city, especially to be aware of the San Fernando subdivision and carry out their work as if not to return, since the last few times it has taken longer to carry out the repair than for the sewage to flow again. Interested in the jale, please contact 669-915-7000, with the Jumapam chaca. Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez.

> Treatment to improve memory
Where a treatment is going to be required to improve memory is in the Public Works Directorate of the Salvador Alvarado City Council, and it is that according to neighbors of the Agustina Ramírez neighborhood, in Guamúchil, it seems that they forgot to give it their respective scraping to the dirt streets in the limits of this neighborhood with the Niños Héroes, and with the heavy rains they have suffered ugly, because even some houses have been flooded. If you know where to go for a good treatment, call the Director of Public Works, Hugo Soto Mata, at 673-732-0638.

> Attention for plumbers
Japama is urgently looking for good plumbers who will not take him out to work, since they must attend to complaints of collapsed drains throughout the municipality, mainly in the Compuertas ejido, because they have weeks with saturated drainage, and they cannot even use the bathrooms. Those affected are already suffering the consequences with stomach and skin infections. Whoever is interested in the job, contact the chaca of the paramunicipal, Hernán Medina, at 668-120-404, so that they enter the talacha.

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