“Death to violence that takes away dignity and hope”: Silvano Aureoles in his last Cry

Morelia, Michoacán.- “Independence was an armed movement to free us from the tyrant and today the tyrant has another name, were part of the words that the governor of Michoacan, Silvano Aureoles Rabbit, when giving the Cry of Independence inside the Government Palace.

In his speech, prior to evoking the great heroes that gave us homeland, the president recalled the fight he has undertaken at the national and international level to expose and eradicate criminal groups from the politics of Mexico.

Death to the violence that takes away dignity and hope … today the strange enemy is called organized crimeIt’s called a health crisis, it’s called poverty and it’s called an economic crisis, and we have to free ourselves from those tyrants “He added on his social networks.

Since 2008, the celebration of the Grito de Independencia in Michoacán is marked by the mourning left by a grenade attack that took place in the middle of the commemorative act, which left at least 8 people dead and dozens injured. To date, the state has been unable to regain peace and free itself from the criminal groups that have reigned one after another.

Currently there are 14 criminal groups operating in Michoacán, as stated on September 13 by General Francisco Jesús Leana Ojeda, commander of the 21 Military Zone.

Under this scenario, the PRD, who is days away from leaving his post as governor, pointed out that the commitment that he has, like all Mexicans, is “stop the destructive trend that the country is going through”, which has reached in recent years “historical figures in intentional homicides, poverty, health and economic crisis”.

“Today we must also shout for the violence that takes away our tranquility, that robs us of opportunities, that threatens democracy and takes away our dignity and hope. Let us raise our voices and raise our faces, that fear does not paralyze us”exclaimed Silvano Aureoles during the national festivities.

Finally, the formal ceremony culminated with the classic Cry of Independence in which the struggle of all the national heroes stood out, among which stands out José María Morelos y Pavón, originally from Morelia Michoacán.

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“Long live Mexico! Long live Morelos! Long live Hidalgo! Long live Dona Josefa! Long live Michoacán! Long live our land, the cradle of Independence!”

Every Day of the Cry of Independence in Morelia there is little to celebrate; María Guadalupe still suffers from the grenades


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