Death of a young man who died in Los Mochis hours after being vaccinated against Covid-19 is in the Vice Prosecutor’s Office: Health

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The death of the young neighbor of the Anáhuac neighborhood, in the city of Los Mochis, who supposedly died hours after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, It is in the hands of the corresponding authorities, in this case, the Vice Prosecutor’s Office, declared Francisco Espinoza Valverde.

The director of Municipal Health of Ahome referred to the case as a regrettable fact; however, he asked to be respectful and careful when addressing the issue.

“It is a matter merely for the Vice-Prosecutor’s Office, here there is no place for Municipal Health and most likely no other agency, not even state, this would have to be merely a situation of investigation by specialists in that and that agency is about the Vice-Prosecutor’s Office and their expert investigators to investigate why this person died, “he said.

The municipal official insisted that the issue, due to its sensitivity, should be dealt with in the areas of competence, in this case, those in charge of carrying out investigations.

“It is not the legal competence of Municipal Health to carry out this type of investigation, in such a way that the only thing we can do is be very attentive to the result of the necropsy of the person because obviously to carry out a complete investigation they will surely require a necropsy”, abounded.

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It is worth mentioning that yesterday morning, relatives of Alejandro “N” last Monday went to the Plaza Paseo vaccination center to receive his vaccine, when he got home he had dinner and went to sleep and the next day (Tuesday) when he noticed that He did not wake up, they decided to call 911, so when paramedics arrived at the scene, they confirmed that he had no vital signs, declaring his death apparently due to a heart attack.

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