Danger! The outbreak of the scalp the new challenge of Tik Tok that has gone viral

Terrifying and painful is how a new viral challenge that is flooding the Tik Tok social network has been described, “scalp flare” as it is called. The new challenge among young people consists of pulling a lock of hair with force until it is generated a snap that could trigger a number of health problems.

The challenge became popular a few weeks ago and since its creation, thousands of young people have joined and put it to the test, because after doing it, all they get is a terrifying “snap”.

The challenge is to pull a small portion of another person’s hair, until the noise, which is the result of detachment of the soft tissue that is between the skull and the scalp.

Although this challenge has no purpose other than causing physical harm, doctors have warned by practice that it is increasingly common to observe in Tik Tok, since many of them do not even know the problems that it could bring to their Health.

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Doctors have pointed out that scalp flare could cause bleeding under the skin or head ulcers, so they suggest not doing it.

Tik Tok’s new challenge: the scalp flare


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