Cynthia Klitbo responds if the kisses that her ex Juan Vidal gives Niurka Marcos “hurt”

Mexico. Juan Vidal and Niurka Marcos participate in The House of the Famous and recently “they kissed”, which caused great controversy on the Telemundo reality show.

But now it is Cynthia Klitbo, ex-partner of Juan Vidal, who He thinks if those kisses that he and the controversial Niurka have given each other “hurt”. Before the media in CDMX, he commented:

“I don’t think it’s very pretty. I think that everyone is free to make their own life and I am not interested in mentioning it in my interviews because it does not seem very nice to me, ”Klitbo replied on the subject.

Cynthia Klitbo and Juan Vidal ended their relationship three months ago and what she thought about her ex-partner’s participation in The House of Celebrities 2 is shared on various news portals.

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“I don’t need you to update me, I’ll tell you why: everyone calls me on my cell phone to send me things and the truth is that what was not in my year, was not in my harm and I have nothing to say because we ladies have no memory”.

Cynthia also mentioned that she doesn’t watch The House of Celebrities, in fact, or television because she always spends her time working: “I don’t have televisions at home, I spend 24 hours a day watching television, so I’m not very addicted to television. So I don’t I can say”.

Cynthia Klitbo shared on her social networks last February that she ended her courtship with Juan Vidal, an actor whom she had known for years and indicated that they would be friends and did not want to go into details, despite the fact that her fans questioned her about the reason for her “thunder”.

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“It is very sad to make public knowledge that Juan Vidal and a servant have decided to remain friends and end our romantic relationship… With deep peace and best wishes for the future, we will be friends for life,” Cynthia Klitbo posted on Instagram. .

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