“Culiacán is going to be horrible,” they complain about the construction of a wall in Álvaro Obregón

Sinaloa.- Due to the lack of driver education of some motorists In the city of Culiacán, the City Council has chosen to place walls on various roads so that drivers respect the lanes, now it was the turn of the Álvaro Obregón avenue have one of them.

The new road distribution wall is built on Álvaro Obregón avenue at the corner of Ciudadanes Hermanas boulevard, in front of Lomita de Culiacán, where the lack of traffic education causes chaos, since motorists do not respect the road buoys that delimit the area and not the lane, and go up to turn left.

The construction of this road works in Culiacán have caused annoyance, approval and jokes from citizens, and even one of them has his own Twitter account “Muro del Malecón” (@MuroMalecon), who exposed to his followers the construction of the new wall , this time on another important road in the city, Álvaro Obregón avenue.

“Flat, with the solutions of this administration, horrible is going to be # Culiacán and all because the motorist is not able to drive in his lane and turn correctly,” he wrote.

Muro del Malecón complains about lack of road safety education | Photo: Twitter

To the publication, a Twitter user pointed out “That’s exactly what @MuroMalecon was going to ask you, what’s up with the competition?” To which El Muro del Malecón replied “He’s my department head.”

Another user stressed that it was preferable that “they have hired your partner (Del Muro del Malecón) than the disaster that takes place there.” The Muro del Malecón responded that it was his cousin “@Muro_obregon comes from Sonora to look for an opportunity in the @Ay AyuntamientoCLN he campaigned with Morena.”

He did not wait and a user created a Twitter account for the new wall that will arrive in Culiacán: @Muro_obregon

“In the absence of authority, I’m here,” says Muro Obregón | Twitter

“hahahahahaha Nice news on Wednesday. I didn’t know about this honorable addition to the capital city !!!!” = extreme measures. “, were some of the first comments that citizens left to the newly created account.

The “Muro Obregón” retweeted a post by a user who captured on video when a car above the road buoys tried to turn incorrectly, but next to him a Municipal Transit patrol stopped, so the driver continued straight on Álvaro Obregón and gave up turning.

“Lord, you’ve looked me in the eye! In the absence of authority, I’m here!” Wrote the “Muro Obregón” when retweeting that video where the citizen asked the “Muro Malecón” for a cousin on the Álvaro Obregón road at the end July, without knowing that his wish was going to be fulfilled.

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A citizen wrote that the authorities prefer to build walls instead of enforcing the traffic laws, fining those who commit offenses in addition to promoting road culture. “Someone woke up in a bad mood,” Muro Obregón replied.

They complain about the construction of a wall in Álvaro Obregón in Culiacán | Twitter


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