Cuba begins to vaccinate children older than two years against Covid-19

Cuba.- The campaign of vaccination against Covid-19 for children from two to ten years old, began this Thursday, September 16 in Cuba, becoming one of the first nations to vaccinate such young infants, even a vaccine created in the same country will be used.

The director of the Vedado University Polyclinic, Aurolis Otaño, said that the country would never put children at risk with an unsafe vaccine, so its effectiveness has already been proven when introducing it to minors.

It was at the Polyclinic that one of the vaccination points was installed together with the participation of some clowns who sought to distract and make the infants laugh, who fell into tears after receiving their first dose, most of them in their arms. of their parents who managed to put aside their doubts and take their children to be vaccinated.

There will be approximately 300 minors between two and five years old who are expected at this vaccination point, while those over five to ten years old will receive it directly at their schools.

“First of all there is the health of our children, which is the main thing and is a risk (contagion) because young children are always playing, on the floor” said Denisse González, a 36-year-old engineer who brought her two-year-old daughter Lucia. “So far Cuban medicine has been successful, I am confident that this vaccine will be good.”

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It should be remembered that Delta variant It mainly affected young people around the world, so in Cuba it was decided weeks before starting the vaccination in adolescents aged 11 to 18 years in a scheme that includes two doses of Soberana 02 and one of Soberana Plus, as was done with adults.


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