Crowds and protests! About 5,000 people come to collect the Benito Juárez scholarships in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- The two lane blocking from Álvaro Obregón avenue, in Culiacán, and crowds caused the presence of about 5 thousand people, who came from the early hours of this Monday to the branch of the Wellbeing Bank to charge the Benito Juárez scholarships, which this time an amount of 3,200 pesos arrived for the payment of two bi-months.

Elements of Municipal Civil Protection and elements of the State Police had to intervene to calm people, due to the fact that protests, pushes and verbal confrontations were generated among the beneficiaries of this social program, who complained that only 50 files were delivered per day since last Friday.

Mothers and fathers sleeping near the bank and others arrived at three in the morning to collect the scholarship. Faced with pressure from the beneficiaries, older adults and people with disabilities were allowed to carry out the scholarship process.

The complainants commented that they could not charge the cards because they are blocked and must be presented to the bank.

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People do not leave Álvaro Obregón avenue, between Zaragoza and Rosales in the center of the city, waiting to be seen at the Banco de Bienestar.

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