Covered with head to toe, Afghan women demonstrate in support of Taliban

Acceptance.- Covered in burqas and veils from head to toe, hundreds of women went out to demonstrate in Afghanistan to show their support for the taliban.

Yesterday, September 11, around 300 women covered with burqas who left only their eyes exposed entered one of the auditoriums of the Shaheed Rabbani University of Education, in Acceptance.

Afghan women waved the white flag with black letters of the Taliban and made statements in support of the new Islamist regime in Afghanistan.

Women will be safe now. We support the new government with all our strength, “Afghan Somaiya told hundreds of women in the auditorium.

Hundreds of women showed their support for the Taliban regime at a Kabul university. Photo: Twitter

Images and videos were disseminated through social networks showing the university auditorium in Kabul full of women covered from head to toe in the traditional black burqa imposed by the Taliban.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15, it has marked the beginning of the new Islamist regime, fueling the fear of thousands of women of losing their rights obtained over the last 20 years, such as studying and working. .

The Taliban government announced that Afghan women will be able to study, but separated from men in classrooms, and wearing a black robe and a niqab that covers their faces.

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They will also have to leave class five minutes before the men and wait in a room for them to have left the building, so that they do not meet or interact, according to the decree published yesterday by the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education.

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