Couple dies from Covid-19 and leaves 5 children, the smallest only 3 months old

California.- A couple living in the state of California in the United States He died of complications from Covid-19 just two weeks apart, leaving behind five children aged 3 weeks to 7 years.

Daniel Macias He was the father of five children with Davy a nurse who died of complications from Covid-19 late last month. And after two weeks he too lost the battle against the virus without even being able to name the last of his children as the couple had agreed to name the baby after recovering from the virus.

Davy Macías was 37 years old and died a week after giving birth to her last daughter. Daniel was 37 and his five children 7, 5, 3, 2 and 3 weeks as mentioned by the media American NBCNEWS.

Faced with the unfortunate situation, relatives of the couple created a GoFunMe account to raise funds shortly before Davy and Daniel died because their medical expenses had increased and every day it was more difficult to finance the expenses of food and clothing for the five children. .

“There are no words to explain the loss of both him and Davy,” wrote Terry Serey, a member of the donation team.

In accordance with Sbsun, Daniel Macías dedicated his life for 15 years to education in the Rialto Unified School District, where he collaborated in different positions and even became president of the mathematics department at Juhue Middle School. And people who knew him remember him as “a compassionate, caring, fun-loving, and generous teacher from Jehue High School,” as well as an honorable family man.

As mentioned NBCNEWS, The entire Macías family had been infected with Covid-19 after returning from a trip in early August, and although the children recovered quickly, Davy and Daniel’s symptoms worsened, and within days they were taken to the hospital to the care unit Intensive just one week apart.

Their daughter, who is now three weeks old, remains unnamed, since the couple was optimistic in her recovery, according to Serey, Devy’s sister who also said she does not know if her sister regretted not having been vaccinated since they believed that the disease would pass quickly and they would be the ones who would introduce the new member of the family.

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However, that could no longer be. Now Devy and Daniel’s children remain in the custody of their grandparents who have said that after Devy’s death and Daniel’s stay in the hospital, the children continue to ask where their parents are.

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