Coronavirus Sinaloa: latest news today on September 13 about Covid-19

Sinaloa.- Despite the gradual decline of new active Covid-19 cases In Sinaloa, the lethality of the pandemic does not drop and only in the last 24 hours were 25 people which They lost their lives for health complications related to that disease.

Patients with chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension continue to be the main victims.

Culiacán is the municipality that accounts for the highest number of new deaths. Yesterday there were 20 deaths reported in that municipality. Another three were raised in Escuinapa and two in Mazatlán.

With this there are 8,275 deaths registered in Sinaloa since the first reported case of Covid-19.


During the last 24 hours, 97 new cases were also reported throughout the state. The municipalities with the highest incidence of new infections are: Ahome (27), Guasave (22) and El Fuerte (8). Culiacán, which has historically led all areas of the disease, reported three new active cases yesterday, surpassed by Mazatlán, which in the same period registered four new active cases.

According to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health, until yesterday there were 890 people treated in the Covid-19 emergency units of the entire entity.

The list of active cases is headed by the municipalities of Ahome (250), Culiacán (156), Guasave (154) and Mazatlán (69). There are suspected cases in the 18 municipalities of Sinaloa and only three are still on red light after exceeding 100 active cases: Ahome, Culiacán and Guasave. 543 days have passed since the first case of Covid-19 was reported. Health authorities recommend not letting your guard down in the face of the pandemic.

Deaths recorded in the state

1. 65-year-old male died on July 25 in HG Escuinapa
2. 55-year-old female died on August 7 in HG Escuinapa (COPD)
3. 63-year-old male died on July 21 in HG Escuinapa (COPD)
1. 33-year-old female died on July 10 in HG Mazatlán (diabetic)
2. 46-year-old female died on August 25 in HG Mazatlán (hypertensive)
1. 26-year-old female died on August 31 in Issste Culiacán (immunosuppressed)
2. 59-year-old male died on July 19 in Issste Culiacán (hypertensive)
3. 55-year-old male died on August 29 in Issste Culiacán (diabetic)
4. 49-year-old female died on July 16 in Issste Culiacán (diabetic)
5. 83-year-old male died on July 8 in Issste Culiacán (hypertensive)
6. 76-year-old male died on August 27 in Issste Culiacán
7. 55-year-old female died on July 27 in Issste Culiacán (hypertensive)
8. 62-year-old female died on July 27 in Issste Culiacán (asthma)
9. 69-year-old female died on September 8 at IMSS Culiacán (diabetic)
10. 68-year-old male died on September 8 at IMSS Culiacán (hypertensive)
11. 57-year-old female died on September 8 in Issste Culiacán (diabetic)
12. 85-year-old female died on August 30 in IMSS Culiacán (diabetic)
13. 25-year-old male died on September 9 at IMSS Culiacán (hypertensive)
14. 57-year-old male died on August 8 in Issste Culiacán (diabetic)
15. 34-year-old male died on August 6 in Issste Culiacán (obesity)
16. 80-year-old male died on September 9 at IMSS Costa Rica (diabetic)
17. 69-year-old female died on August 29 in Issste Culiacán (diabetic)
18. 54-year-old female died on August 12 in Issste Culiacán (hypertensive)
19. 44-year-old female died on July 13 in Issste Culiacán (diabetic)
20. 51-year-old female died on July 20 in Issste Culiacán (diabetic).

They go by helicopter for a woman to the Sierra de San Ignacio, Sinaloa


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