Coriander infusion to cleanse the kidneys

The kidneys are the organs of the body in charge of filter the blood To eliminate toxins, they also filter the water to dispose of it through the urine.

For keep kidneys functional you need to keep them clean and detoxified. For this, a coriander infusion is recommended.

Coriander helps purify and cleanse the kidneys in a safe and natural way.

To prepare the coriander tea To clean the kidneys, the coriander must first be disinfected, cut it into pieces, emptied it into a container with water and boil for 10 to 15 minutes, when it is cold it must be strained and the content emptied into a bottle.

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It should be drunk daily so that it fulfills the function of eliminating toxins and salt that damage the kidneys.

It is important that if you feel pain or discomfort related to the kidneys, you see a medical professional to rule out damage and major problems.

Healing properties of coriander

Coriander has vitamins C and K, it also helps prevent infections given its antiseptic properties and blocks the proliferation of microorganisms.

It also has 20 percent essential oils that help facilitate digestion and relieve constipation.

In addition to helping to cleanse the kidneys, coriander tea or water helps prevent menstrual cramps, regulate blood sugar levels, speed up metabolism, prevent bad breath, and fight headaches.

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