Controversy and dissatisfaction

PARTY CONTROVERSY. In the PRI, as in certain Morenista groups, they took the invitation of AMLO to Quirino Ordaz to head the diplomatic efforts of Mexico in Spain. The national leader of the PRI, Alito Moreno, as if he had moral authority and a strong party to defend, came out to declare that “absolutely no one can use the acronym of the PRI to negotiate positions,” stating that they will not allow intentions of the Government of Morena to divide them, and that the “loyalty, and commitment of a PRI is demonstrated by the side of the party” … The PRI leader was very contradictory when he declared in that sense, when he had a terrible performance, with a declining vote of the tricolor and a leadership that monopolized the spaces for the partisan elite, starting with Alito himself, who will be a multi-member federal deputy, without going to look for votes on the ground, only for partisan quota.

In a strict sense, there was also disagreement in Morena, especially from the hard wing of the Morenoites, who mistook the safe conduct and immunity that surely brings with it the appointment of Mexican ambassador to Spain, for the current governor; because even if they want to, they will not be able to question the governor for his performance, nor hold him accountable, as was the idea of ​​some Morenistas. Since AMLO himself has been in charge of defending his performance and asking the party’s elite to treat him well, since he has told them that “Quirino has behaved well” with the Government of the 4T.

In citizen circles there is also controversy, although some endorse and see the performance of the governor well, there is another wing that questions the lack of results on various issues; including public security, because the number of missing persons increased significantly in his government, as well as family violence and sexual violence. Also, on the subject of public health, due to the high incidence of contagion and fatality in Sinaloa due to the pandemic, as well as the lack of formalization of health sector personnel contracts, among other issues that generate dissatisfaction. Or not?

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PENDING DEBT. One of the issues that the QOC Government does not satisfy is the neglect of violence against women; Although the governor boasts of having been the one who accepted the declaration of Gender Violence Alert, the reality is that that decision remained on paper, because the curbing of violence, the care of the victims, the eradication of family violence, punishment of aggressors and attention to sexual violence.

Unfortunately, even with the declaration of gender alert, violence against women increased in the Government of Quirino Ordaz, especially in the case of women who suffer violence in the home, cruelty in femicides, sexual violence; Only in the data provided by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is there a significant increase, in the present State Administration, in the number of complaints for these crimes. This is without considering that the majority of the victims do not report these attacks because they do not trust the authorities and because generally there is no continuity in the investigations, nor punishments and clarification of the cases.

In addition, as a sign of misunderstanding of the issue, Cepavif, which is an institution for the care of women who suffer violence in the home, sent him to an inappropriate place, without optimal conditions to care for the victims. Receding in what little there was. Or not?

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