Contagions sprout in classrooms

It seems that the fear shown by teachers and parents regarding the possibility that their children would be infected with covid-19, when it was announced that in this school year they would return to face-to-face classes, is already being justified, because until At the moment there are already two students and a teacher who have been infected after being part of those who returned to the classrooms gradually, so some schools were closed completely and in others it was only the room where the positive emerged.

In the municipalities of Badiraguato, Navolato and Guasave it is where so far contagions have already been verified in some schools, although in all cases the patients appear to be stable, but regardless of whether it was warned that this could occur, this will only cause that less parents want to take their children to classes, because if they have the possibility of learning from home, even with more complications, they will surely take this second option, because no one will want to put the kings of the home at risk.

The numbers are cold, and infections and deaths from coronavirus have not diminished much during this third wave, and although the population is told that from Monday there will be a green light in Sinaloa, it is logical that very few will know it. they will believe, since the daily reports of the Ministry of Health are the true thermometer to assimilate the harsh reality that we live.

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