Congressman from Peru forgets to turn off his camera during session and appears bathing

Peru.-The Peruvian congresswoman, Norma Yarrrow He publicly apologized after a video circulated through social networks in which he appeared bathing during a session of Congress.

The images quickly spread on the social network generating a wave of memes and mockery against the congresswoman, who regretted what happened through a video posted on Twitter.

In the video, Yarrow explained that the incident happened because she wanted to do two things at the same time, since she was in a hurry to continue with her activities.

“Hello, I am Norma Yarrow. A video of mine is circulating where it is seen that I am entering the shower … unfortunately the camera was turned on, I apologize for the case”, the congresswoman mentioned in a video posted on Twitter.

Likewise, he said that for; “Those who have seen the video, it is me and I sincerely apologize for the case, trying to do double duty in a hurry: to get ready to continue my activities in the Lambayeque region and, at the same time, to follow the incidents of a congressional commission. That is the truth”.

She explained that her computer camera turned on without any explanation, showing it to her as she entered the shower, a situation of which she said she felt mortified.

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“Unfortunately the camera was lost. I apologize for the case. I am very mortified because I know that this also offends many people in my family. It is not that I did not want to work, I tried to beat time. There is no excuse, I just want to stop of course I am a person aware of the mistake he has made “he added.

congressman apologizes for showing up bathing during session


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