Congratulations, Kathia! The beloved quinceañera is pampered with a charming celebration

Rosario, Sinaloa.- With a big smile, dear Kathia Pacheco Flores enjoyed the arrival of her sweet 15 years. On this special occasion in her life, she was pampered by her loving parents, Alicia Guadalupe Flores Guevara and Humberto Pacheco, to the fullest.

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In addition, they decided to organize a special family reunion, in which the closest friends of the celebrant, Camila and Marina, also participated, who expressed their affection and offered their best wishes.

Obviously, on this great day could not miss Michel, Kathia’s younger sister, who filled her with cuddles and nice words, while sharing this occasion with her.

A variety of colored balloons, curtains in shades of pink, metallic gold, as well as a huge flower arrangement were some of the surprises chosen for the occasion.

After the snack, those present, mostly close relatives, ate a delicious cake that was not broken until Kathian blew out the candles, while those present sang the traditional ones. Mañanitas.

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The attendees could not stay without hugging the happy fifteen-year-old Kathia Pacheco and also pampering her with beautiful and useful gifts that she thanked with a warm smile.


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