Conflict over concession of the Teodoro Mariscal stadium, in Mazatlán, still without agreement

Sinaloa.- A few days after the start of the Mexican Pacific League, baseball season 2021-2022, still there is no agreement between stadium concessionaire Teodoro Mariscal and the Mazatlán City Council.

Faced with this litigation, the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, stressed that he continues, he is legally walking and at any moment there will be a resolution. Many levels of government have tried to intervene in this conflict, the president added.


Regarding whether this puts the baseball season at risk, to be held at the Teodoro Mariscal stadium, “El Químico” assured that there will be a summer season in the port, “but this will not be managed by the same concessionaires” of the season of winter.

It also declined to answer whether it will be managed by the Arhe Group. But then he reiterated that the baseball stadium is owned by the Mazatlán City Council and the Summer League will be held there.


On April 6, 2020, the Mazatlán City Council took possession of the stadium after a ruling issued by the Ninth District Court, based in Mazatlán. He rescinded the contract to the Toledo family, from the Pacific Coast company by failing to comply with the established agreement, explained at the time the secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura.

The conflict between concessionaires and the commune began on November 23, 2018, when Teodoro Mariscal’s drinking water was cut off and they were accused of having three clandestine intakes of the vital liquid.

For the Caribbean Series they loaned the property, but for the baseball season that begins in 21 days, the municipal authority says that the litigation is progressing legally.

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The law is very clear, and the Teodoro Mariscal stadium is owned by the Mazatlán City Council. The summer baseball season that will be held in Mazatlan will be played in this sports field, the mayor said.

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The Mexican Pacific Baseball League, season 2021-2022, starts on October 5 in Culiacán and on October 6 in Mazatlán, but the concession company and the Mazatlán City Council are still in dispute.

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