Concachampions: Rayados thrashes Cruz Azul at home and is a finalist of the tournament

Mexico City.- Rayados from Monterrey showed hierarchy and superiority over Blue Cross Machine to get the pass to the grand finale of the Concachampions in a spectacular way; beating the current Mexican soccer champion on the Azteca Stadium field.

The objective of “Vasco” Javier Aguirre was to find the away goal as early as possible, which was presented just before the 10-minute mark of the contest. Rogelio Funes Mori received the ball in the area of ​​Sabastián Jurado and served for Maximiliano Meza, who was left unmarked to cross his shot and placed the first of the night for the visit.

From that moment the number that the cement team needed was to score more than three goals to be a finalist. His reaction came immediately after a goal from Orbelín Pineda, deceiving the Sultana defense in a free kick outside the Estaban Andrada area.

Maxi Meza and Funes Mori scored for Azteca
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Cruz Azul pretended that the probable comeback would take place in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula, however, it forgot about Rayados’ attack and by allowing spaces it granted that Tobacco Vergara will perform his classic feint to beat Jurado, in an insurmountable shot to return the visiting advantage.

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Rogelio Funes Mori scored a double
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The difficulties of the result caused Juan Reynoso’s pupils to break ranks in the defensive zone, so much so that Monterrey knew how to take advantage of it, and by serving a deep ball to the Vergara zone a rebound allowed Rogelio Funes Mori to nest the 1-3 at 24 ‘, in a controversial goal, because in the shot the Colombian is perceived as out of place, before the “Twin” received the ball.

Things did not look the best for Cruz Azul, since the position was already more complicated than it had started. Desperation began to engulf the cement manufacturers that the ideas stopped being generated on the green carpet. As a consequence, the 1-4 came in the complementary part, again through the boots of Funes Mori.

Andrada were in celebration of the goal
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Since then, the rest of the game was processed for both teams, as the show ended just when the forbidden cry was present for a double time at the Azteca Stadium, which caused the referee, César Arturo Ramos, to apply the discrimination protocols.

When they did not see improvement in the attitude of the fans of the Machine, the duel was suspended for more than 10 minutes, sending players to the dressing room area, as part of the second point of the homophobic scream protocol, which is sought to eradicate in the Mexican soccer.

César Ramos applies discrimination protocol
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Rayados will face America in the Grand Final of the Concacaf Champions League, which will be played in a single match due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The duel will be at the BBVA Stadium. Day and time to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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