Complaint that C4i workers in Sinaloa earn from 4 to 6 thousand pesos a month

Sinaloa.- In Decree 645 of the reforms to the State Public Security Law in Sinaloa, which orders the homologation of 100% of the pensions for widows and family members of state and municipal police, it was proposed that workers froml Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence Center (C4i), who have been set aside from any benefit.

To give the first reading to the initiative in the session of the Permanent Delegation, the deputy Mario Rafael González Sánchez, president of the Public Safety Commission noted that staff in this area receive one of the lowest salaries nationwide, ranging from income from 4 to 6 thousand pesos a month.

He specified that they have not made increases in their perceptions for more than 14 years, and on the contrary, they reduced the direct salary in the payroll, which implies the request in the allocation of resources for the increase of more than 100% and the homologation for all C4 Sinaloa employees, which is similar to the rest of the country.

The legislator mentioned that they do not even have the necessary legal benefits, only ISSSTE medical service, and they lack the rights to housing, to retire, food supplies, loans, they do not receive five-year periods, Christmas bonuses, pantries, or any other benefit from the that enjoy assets of the corporations belonging to the Ministry of Public Security.

The homologation of the system at the federal level of 9-1 -1, did not bring with it, better economic conditions to the personnel, that has greatly affected the employees of C4i Sinaloa, since in more than 14 years they have lived with a deficiency , and no authority has wanted to help us to resolve their situation, despite the fact that help has been requested, he argued.

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That is why this initiative insisted that it intends to ensure that all the supports and benefits established in Decree No. 645 dated July 6, 2021 published on July 7, 2021, are complied with and also include C4i workers. , who have suffered from limitations and injustices in the acquisition of benefits, salary increases, savings and fair and timely pensions, by belonging to the Executive Secretariat of Public Security.

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