Company of murdered trafficker channeled funds for Samuel García’s campaign, reveals investigation

Mexico.- A drug dealer who was murdered in 2019 He was the owner of one of the companies that is being investigated for having triangulated money for Samuel García’s campaign for governor of New Lion.

According to the information provided by Breitbart Texas, the medium that obtained access to the investigation documents, states that the company “Zulamak Services and Consulting“It was in the name of José Adrián Parrilla Correa, who was deprived of his life near his home for having acquired a small debt of narcotics.

The portal points out that said company is also used by Jorge Gerardo Rodríguez Valdez, father of the wife of the current candidate elected from the state of Nuevo León to “move funds.”

The information highlights that apparently José Adrián Parrilla Correa was a businessman from Monterrey with companies that provided marketing services, human resources and audits, although the man had a criminal past with arrests in 2012 for street drug distribution.

In one of the arrests, he had confessed that he distributed drugs for “The Zetas“While working days as a janitor. However, he avoided jail time doing community service. Parrilla was arrested two more times: in 2014 for committing petty theft; in 2016, he was again arrested for possession of narcotics.

Breitbart Texas details that, in 2019, Parrilla Correa was a partner of “Entorno Empresarial Santa Lucía SA de CV”, which provided services similar to those of Zulamak, and was linked to Mario Alberto Palomo Leon, another businessman with a criminal history related to kidnapping and crimes committed with violence.

It is worth mentioning that together with Servicios y Asesorias Zulamak, the company “Grupo Renok SA de CV” is also being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF).

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The investigation of the Mexican authorities focuses on the use of companies to launder money, to be channeled to the campaign of Samuel Garcia in the 2020-2021 electoral process.

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