Colombian Armed Forces rescue 16 people who were adrift in the Pacific

The Colombian Navy rescued nearby Malpelo Island, in the Pacific, to 16 people who were adrift for two days because the engine of the boat in which they were transported was damaged, the institution reported this Sunday.

The commander of the ARC ship “Valle del Cauca”, frigate captain, Yesid Gómez Gamboa, said that a Navy vessel that was patrolling in the Pacific received an emergency call from the motor ship “María Patricia”, which had been arriving for two days. drift with 16 people, including six researchers from National Parks and the Malpelo Foundation.

The officer explained that to get to the point where the damaged motor ship was, which had set sail from Malpelo, they sailed one day until they found it and proceeded to provide medical assistance to the ten crew members and the six investigators.

They later towed the ship to Buenaventura, the main Colombian port on the Pacific, a maneuver that lasted 24 hours.

Among the researchers is Sandra Bessudo, director of the Malpelo Foundation, who had traveled with other people to study marine ecosystems.

The island of Malpelo, whose area is 1.2 square kilometers, was included in 2006 on the UNESCO World Heritage List for the richness of its marine life.

Despite being uninhabited, Malpelo is visited annually by numerous scientists and divers with the permission of the National Navy, which monitors its waters.

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