Collapsed drainage will be repaired in the street Ninos Héroes de Alhuey, Angostura

Angostura, Sinaloa.- During the Cabildo session of the municipality of Angostura, Sinaloa, a citizen complaint of the inhabitants of Alhuey about problems they have had with the sewer system for the works that are being carried out in the streets Ninos Heroes and May 5.

In this regard, Mayor Miguel Ángel Angulo Acosta explained that the drainage of the 5 de Mayo street is closely linked to that of the Niños Héroes streetwhere in the last two blocks before leaving the receivership towards the municipal seat the drainage is collapsed.

“Attempts have already been made with vactors of different capacities, but they couldn’t do anything,” he said.

Therefore, they found it necessary to break the pavement to unclog the sewers and in this way put the drainage to work. “Everything that comes from May 5 falls there, and that is what has been causing it to reappear,” explained the municipal president.

Collapsed drainage to be repaired on Ninos Heroes Street in Alhuey, Angostura | Photo: Matías Rodríguez/ Debate

However, he stressed that immediate work is required, since the rains can cause the risk of the entire drainage collapsing, affecting the surrounding families, just a few days before the San Pedro and San Pablo Fair.

“The detail is that they are doing the two works at the same time and they left the drainage uncovered,” he said.

Given this, Angulo Acosta asked the Secretary of Public Works of the State of Sinaloa, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, to suspend the work on 5 de Mayo Street, to give priority to the resolution of the drainage in the street Ninos Heroesa work that is already being carried out.

Likewise, the Cabildo de Angostura unanimously approved a works supervision project, at the cost of the 3% withheld from the contractors for the public works carried out, of which a third of that percentage corresponds to the municipality while the rest is delivered to the Government of the Condition.

The municipal treasurer of Angostura, Merieler Quintero Angulo, announced that from the years 2020 and 2021 around 733 thousand 945 pesos have been accumulated, an amount that will be designated for the purchase of transportation equipment and its respective fuel for the supervision of public works.

“It will be 700,000 pesos for the purchase of the vehicles, and 73,000 pesos for their fuel and lubricant,” explained Quintero Angulo.

In this regard, he pointed out that despite the fact that at the moment there is a shortage of vehicles, they will seek to acquire small double-cab Pick Up trucks.

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The municipal treasurer also emphasized that the regulation stipulates that said project be processed through the Internal Control Body and that it be rigorously assigned to the supervision of public works.

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